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DBBS students must complete a minimum of 36 units of course credit for the Doctor of Philosophy degree, and must maintain a “B” average. Each of the Division’s programs has different course requirements; individual program guidelines provide specific details. However, each student must register continuously every semester from matriculation through thesis completion. Since the required courses do not total 36 units, DBBS students also register for a research course (BIO 590). Grades for research courses are recorded as “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” rather than as letter grades. “Incomplete” grades are not acceptable, and students are required to complete their assignments on a timely basis. Grades in core courses must be a B- or above and students must maintain a B (3.0) overall average. Normally, students will complete 36 credit hours by the end of the first semester of their second year.

All Division students are required to complete a one-semester course in teaching practice and a one-semester course in the ethical aspects of conducting biological research.

English Requirement for International Students. Any graduate student beginning studies in the Division who did not earn an undergraduate degree from a university in a country in which English is the primary native language, must demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of, and facility with, spoken and written English. This involves examinations administered by Washington University’s English Language Programs. In order to remain in good standing, any courses recommended by the ELP Program must be taken during the first calendar year the student is in the Division. After successful completion of these courses, the steering committee of the student's academic program is responsible for monitoring their English language proficiency. The committee’s evaluation is based on the student’s ability to successfully complete graduate course work and to communicate effectively in the laboratory, in journal clubs, and on the qualifying examination. The steering committee may, at any time, require the student to complete additional course work recommended by the ELP.


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