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Ethics and Research Sciences, Responsible Conduct of Research and HIPAA


Entering students are informed of the Washington University Graduate School Academic Integrity Policy and the Research Integrity Policy for Washington University.

All entering students must complete three on-line compliancy requirements. Questions regarding these requirements may be directed to the Division Privacy Liaison (314-362-3362).

*HIPAA 101 (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

HIPAA is a federally mandated act that gives healthcare providers guidelines for maintaining the confidentiality of protected health information (PHI). The training and privacy policies that Washington University developed, ensure that our organization complies with HIPAA. As a graduate student working in clinical departments at a medical school, students need to be aware of the HIPAA guidelines and implications to your research.

 *EH&S Initial Lab Safety Training Curriculum (Environmental Health & Safety)

 *PERCSS (Program for Ethical Conduct of Science & Scholarship)
Two part requirement (verbal overview session during orientation and on-line compliancy module)

Students entering 6th year in program will be required to repeat the on-line PERCSS module 

All second-year Division students are required to complete the course, BIO 5011 Ethics and Research Science, which explores ethical issues which research scientists encounter in their professional activities. Case study, scenario presentations and small group discussions provide the focus of the course.


DGSP Degree Requirements



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