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Program Transfers


The Division programs provide a broad, interdisciplinary approach to graduate education. Unique features of the Division structure include the ease with which departmental and program lines can be crossed and the freedom students have to choose among Division faculty and programs. If students find their research interests have changed since their matriculation into one program, they are able to transfer into another, following the procedures below.

  • Students who are in good academic standing. Prior to the completion of one semester, requests for transfers must be approved by the Directors of both programs involved and the Admissions Committees of those programs.
  • Following the completion of at least one semester, students are free to transfer from one Division program to another following a discussion with both Program Directors.
  • Students who are not in good academic standing. Students may transfer only after obtaining approval from both the Program Directors, in consultation with their steering committees.

Occasionally there may be extenuating circumstances for which the above procedures will need to be modified. The Associate Dean for Graduate Education is available for advice when there are extenuating circumstances.


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