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Completion of the Ph.D. at Another Site


Permission to accompany a thesis advisor who leaves Washington University must be obtained in advance from the appropriate Program Director and the Associate Dean for Graduate Education. Permission will be granted if the student has:

1) Satisfied the qualifying examination requirement;
2) Received approval of the Thesis Proposal and discussed expected progress with the Thesis Committee. The chair of the thesis committee will assume the role of co-mentor, and will be listed as such on the dissertation.
3) Received approval of the educational program and environment at the host institution;
4) Agree to hold thesis update meetings annually or as recommended by the thesis committee for progress reports. Student and thesis mentor have two options for these meetings; a) return to Washington University; or b) video conference.
Expenses for travel to and from St. Louis or video conferencing is the dissertation mentor's responsibility.
5) For the thesis examination, the thesis mentor must attend the thesis examination. Expenses for travel to and from St. Louis are the dissertation mentor's responsibility.

1.Oversight. If, after consultation with thesis committee, the program steering committee determines that either the thesis project is no longer viable or the training environment is no longer acceptable, it may require the student to return to Washington Univresityand affiliate with a new thesis lab.

2. Registration. Tuition for any courses that must be taken at another institution will be the responsibility of the thesis mentor or the host institution.

A student with 36 units of credit will register for LGD 9001, Full-time Graduate Status in Absentia. Students will receive full funding, tuition remission and student health coverage. Student Health Fee (see note below). 

3.Student Health Coverage. Students are required to have health care coverage. A student leaving in the middle of a semester to accompany their thesis mentor to another University continues to have emergency room and in-hospital coverage for that semester, but is not eligible for out-patient benefits.

A student who plans to move should discuss health insurance with the thesis mentor and with Student Health and make arrangements with the mentor and the new institution to provide coverage‚Äč.


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