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Financial Support & Benefits


All Division students are guaranteed a stipend, full tuition and related fees, including health care, disability and life insurance, as long as satisfactory progress toward the degree is maintained. Students who are not United States citizens receive the same support (further details appear in the section for International Students below). 

All Division students receive a stipend throughout their tenure as students. This support is provided through a variety of sources, including University funds, training grants from the National Institutes of Health and other agencies, foundation funds, individual predoctoral fellowships, thesis mentor's research grants, and/or department funds. If support is restricted by a confidentiality agreement the student must submit a “Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement”. Graduate education is a full-time commitment. Division students may not hold any employment inside or outside the University. They may, with mentor approval, serve as tutors or participate in research studies for payment to the extent that it does not interfere with their academic progress. Activities which interfere with a student’s progress are specifically prohibited.

Because of the guaranteed financial support, a single international student is not required to provide proof of financial support. International students in the Division are subject to all regulations of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service as administered through the University’s International Office. International students who have attended another academic institution in the United States must have their visa documents transferred to Washington University. It is illegal for an international student to work in a laboratory or receive stipend payment until the transfer is complete. All matters related to visa status and international student eligibility are referred to the University International Office. The booklet, International Perspectives, which is distributed by the International Office to all international students entering the University, provides important information about international student life in St. Louis. The Director and staff of the International Office are available to assist international students as they prepare to enter the United States and during their student tenure. The telephone number of the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) is 314-935-5910.

Any PhD or MSTP student who obtains competitive external funding awarding at least $24,816 in stipend annually will receive the base DBBS stipend plus a $5,000 merit award per year for the duration of the fellowship as long as they remain in good academic standing. If the agency award is more than the $5,000 above the DBBS base stipend, the student will receive the agency award only, no merit award will be offered. At the end of the fellowship the student will then return to the current DBBS stipend level at that time.

Throughout a student's tenure in the Division all tuition and fees are paid directly to the University from a variety of sources, including the Division, training grants, fellowships, scholarships, thesis mentors and/or their departments, etc. Currently the fees include a health fee and the network access fee.

Health Coverage
Entering students receive detailed information about their coverage and about procedures for obtaining dental, medical care and/or counseling services. When recommended by Student Health Service, counseling is provided. Student Health Service provides assistance in dealing with a wide variety of concerns and can be reached at 314-362-3523. After a student has turned in the completed thesis and forms to the Graduate School, s/he begins thirty days of emergency only health care; arrangements for continuing medical coverage should be made prior to the thesis defense.

Information regarding spouse and dependent health care coverage is available from Student Health Services staff.

Disability and Life Insurance
Disability and life insurance are provided by the University. These coverages continue for the student's tenure, and details about them are available at the Student Health Service.


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