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Applicants are encouraged to give considerable time and thought to writing the two essays. (Some schools ask for a general “personal statement”, however DBBS requires that the applicant answer the specific essay questions listed.) The Admissions Committee evaluates a number of characteristics in order to assess a candidate’s ability to benefit from and contribute to their selected program. These include academic ability, research experience, leadership, teamwork, communication skills and other personal qualities. The essays are an opportunity to help the Committee relate to the applicant’s distinctive values, motivation, and perspectives and obtain as much information as possible about their previous research experience.
For essay 1 you will provide information on your research experiences.  For up to your 3 most substantive research experiences provide mentor name, Institution, length of project in months, and the approximate hours per week of effort, up to Dec. 1 of this year. (A grid will be provided to capture this information). You will also write an essay for one or more of these experiences providing your specific contributions to the work.  Please also describe your motivations for graduate study and a fundamental biological question that most intrigues you, highlighting potential Washington University faculty mentors. Drawing on your past and planned experiences, please conclude with a statement articulating why you will be an outstanding graduate student. 
For essay 2 you will have the opportunity to tell us anything else you would like us to know that wasn't covered in the applications materials.
Applicants are requested to upload each essay as either a PDF or Word document. Applicants will be allotted approximately two (2) pages per essay (or approximately 8000 characters including spaces). Please address each essay question separately. Do not insert a personal statement in lieu of the two essay questions.


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