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BMP, Hedgehog, bone and cartilage, development and regeneration, notch, Wnt

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Southwest Tower, Barnes-Jewish Hospital



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Our general interest is in the development, homeostasis and regeneration of the mammalian skeleton. We are particularly interested in understanding the function as well as the signal transduction mechanisms of intercellular signaling proteins in controlling the osteoblast lineage. Currently, we are investigating Hh, Wnt, Notch and BMP pathways by using biochemical and mouse genetic approaches. A long-term goal of our laboratory is to discover molecular targets within the osteogenic program for developing novel bone-enhancing therapeutics.

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Fanxin Long

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Developmental and regenerative biology of the mammalian skeleton

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11/10/2011 10:55 AM


Kyu Sang Joeng, Cassie Schumacher, Cassie R. Zylstra-Diegel, Fanxin Long* and Bart O. Williams* . Lrp5 and Lrp6 redundantly control skeletal development in the mouse embryo. Developmental Biology 2011 359(2):222-9.
Kyu Sang Joeng and Fanxin Long. The Gli2 transcriptional activator is a crucial effector for Ihh signaling in osteoblast development and cartilage vascularization. Development 2009 136: 4177-85.
Ximei Wu, Xiaolin Tu, Kyu Sang Joeng, Matthew J. Hilton, David A. Williams, Fanxin Long. Rac1 activation controls nuclear localization of β-catenin during canonical Wnt signaling. Cell 2008 133(2): 340-53.
Matthew J. Hilton, Xiaolin Tu, Ximei Wu, Shuting Bai, Haibo Zhao, Tatsuya Kobayashi, Henry M. Kronenberg, Steven L. Teitelbaum, F. Patrick Ross, Raphael Kopan, Fanxin Long. Notch signaling maintains bone marrow mesenchymal progenitors by suppressing osteoblast differentiation. Nat. Med. 2008 14(3): 306-14.
Tu X, Joeng K-S, Nakayama KI, Nakayama K, Rajagopal J, Carroll TJ, McMahon AP and Long F. Noncanonical Wnt signaling through G protein-linked PKCd activation promotes bone formation. Dev Cell 2007 12: 113-127.
Hilton MJ, Tu X, Cook J, Hu H and Long F. Ihh controls cartilage development by antagonizing Gli3 but requires additional effectors to regulate osteoblast and vascular development. Development 2005 132: 4339-4351.

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