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agricultural origins, ecology, Ethnobotany, medicinal plants, paleoethnobotany, plant biology

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P.O. Box 299



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My lab is currently focusing on the following research topics:
·          Taxonomy of medicinal plants and under-used crops
·          Phytochemical composition and efficacy of traditional medicines
·          Carrying capacity, stability and sustainable use-potential of tropical cloud forests
·          International law in relation to intellectual property rights, ecology and environment vegetation community ecology of tropical and temperate mountain forest, grassland and alpine systems
·          Regeneration and succession processes after natural and anthropogenic impact (particularly fire- and landslide ecology, colonization processes, germination and establishment)
·          Ecology and ecophysiology of the tropical alpine timberline

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Rainer W. Bussmann

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Agricultural origins; ecology; Ethnobotany; medicinal plants; paleoethnobotany; plant biology

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11/10/2011 1:08 PM


Bussmann RW, Swartzinsky P, Worede A, Evangelista P.  Plant use in Odo-Bulu and Demaro, Bale region, Ethiopia. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2011 7:28.
Laurance WF, Useche CD, Shoo LP, Herzog SK, Kessler M, Escobar F, Brehm G, Axmacher JC, Chen IC, Arellano Gámez L, Hietz P, Fiedler K, Pyrcz T, Wolf J, Merkord CL, Cardelus C, Marshall A, Ah-Peng C, Aplet GH, Coro Arizmendi M del, Baker WJ, Barone,J, Brühl CA, Bussmann RW, Cicuzza D, Eilu G, Favila ME, Hietz P, Hemp A, Hemp C, Homeier J, Huey RB, Hurtado J, Jankowski J, Kattán G, Kluge J, Krömer T, Lees D, Lehnert, M, Longino JT, Lovett J, Martin PH, Patterson B, Pearson R, Peh KS-H, Richardson B, Richardson M, Samways M, Feyera Senbeta F, Smith TB, Utteridge T, Watkins JE, Wilson R, Williams SE & Thomas CD.  Global warming and the vulnerability of tropical biota: Where do the thermal specialists live? Biological Conservation 2011 144: 548–557.
Bussmann RW, Malca G, Glenn A, Sharon D, Nilsen B, Parris B, Dubose D, Ruiz D, Saleda J, Martinez M, Carillo L, Walker K, Kuhlman A, Townesmith A.  Toxicity of medicinal plants used in Northern Peru. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2011 137: 121-140.
Bussmann RW, Malca G, Glenn A, Sharon D, Chait G, Díaz D, Pourmand K, Jonat B, Somogy S, Guardado G, Aguirre C , Meyer K, Rothrock A, Townesmith A, Effio-Carbajal J, Frías-Fernandez F, Benito M.  Minimum inhibitory concentration of medicinal plants used in Northern Peru as antibacterial remedies. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2010 132: 101-108.
Kumar M, Sheikh MA, Bussmann RW.  Ethnomedicinal and ecological status of plants in Garhwal Himalaya, India. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine  2011 7:32.
Bussmann RW, Swartzinsky P, Worede A, Evangelista P.  Plant use in Odo-Bulu and Demaro, Bale region, Ethiopia. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2011 7:28.
Bussmann RW, Gruhn J & Glenn A.  Axinaea fernando-cabiesii and A. reginae spp. nov. (Melastomataceae) from upper Amazonia of Peru, with notes on the conservation status of A. flava. Nordic Journal of Botany 2010 28: 518-522.
Bussmann RW, Sharon D & Glenn A.  Healing the body, healing the soul. Traditional remedies for “magical” ailments, nervous system and psychosomatic disorders in Northern Peru. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2010 4(9):580-629.

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