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Program Description
Areas of study: metabolic regulation, signal transduction, membranes, nucleic acid-protein structure interactions and function, replication, repair, recombination, transcription, translation enzyme kinetics, protein and nucleic acid kinetics and thermodynamics, single-molecule enzymology, nanoscience, biomolecular folding, macromolecular structure determination, ion channels and lipid membranes, computational biophysics​
Daved Fremont and Jeff Henderson
Areas of study: systems biology, genomics, sequence analysis, regulatory networks, synthetic biology, metagenomics, metabolomics, proteomics, single cell dynamics, high-throughput technology development, applied math and mathematical models of biological processes, computational biology, comparative genomics, personalized medicine, next generation sequencing and its applications, bioinformatics
Gautam Dantas & Ting Wang
Areas of study: development, stem cell biology, regenerative biology, cell biology, genetics, cell signaling, the biology of Cancer, epigenetics, circadian rhythms, systems biology
Kerry Kornfeld and Helen McNeill
Areas of study: theoretical, experimental population genetics; population, community ecology; phylogenetics, systematics, plant, animal evolution; primate evolution
David Queller
Areas of study: human genetics, statistical genetics, gene mapping, genetics, Mendelian disease, complex disease, Mammalian genetics, systems biology, functional genomics
John Rice and Nathan Stitziel
Areas of study: molecular immunology, Lineage development, autoimmunity, cancer immunotherapy, transcription factors
Gwen Randolph and Deborah Lenschow
Areas of study: cell adhesion, protein trafficking and organelle biogenesis, cell cycle, receptors, signal transduction, gene expression, metabolism, cytoskeleton and motility, membrane excitability, molecular basis of diseases
Roberta Faccio and Zhongsheng You
Areas of study: genetics, comparative genomics, functional genomics, model organisms, epigenetics, genetics of human disease, development, cell biology, molecular biology, complex traits, bioinformatics, systems biology
Jim Skeath and John Edwards
Areas of study: molecular microbiology, microbial physiology, infectious disease, microbial pathogenesis, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, host defense
Christina Stallings
Areas of study: neurobiology, neurology, behavior, cognition, computational neuroscience, electrophysiology, sensory systems, motor systems, neuroglia, neuronal development, learning, memory, synaptic plasticity, mind, consciousness, neurodegeneration
Tamara Hershey and Timothy Holy

Areas of study: plant and microbial genetics; biochemistry; cell biology; development; molecular evolution; physiology; signalling; environmental stress response;  biogeochemistry; bioenergy; astrobiology

Ram Dixit and Hani Zaher

​Areas of study:  Apoptosis and autophagy, Tumor cell biology, Chromosome stability and genome maintenance, Cell motility​ and metastasis, DNA repair, replication and recombination, Transcriptional and translational regulation, Metabolism, Imaging technologies, Receptor-ligand interactions, Signal transduction molecules and pathway, Biomarker studies, Genomic mutation profiles and informatics, Non-coding RNAs, Tumor immunology and vaccines, Tumor viruses, Hematopoiesis, Cancer disparities, Small molecule and nanotechnology discovery, Tumor microenvironment, Clinical trial research​

Jason Weber and Julie Schwarz

​Areas of study:  applied clinical informatics, consumer health informatics, clinical research informatics, translational bioinformatics, population health informatics

Philip Payne