Faculty & Department Administrators

This information is for faculty and department administrators of Washington University School of Medicine and is maintained by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) in the Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences. If you have questions, please email postdoc@email.wustl.edu.  

Not all information will apply to other WU schools. If you are in a WU school other than Medicine, please verify any information with your school’s designee:

Arts & Sciences: Jonathan Cohen, jonathan.cohen@wustl.edu, 314-935-7366
Engineering: Jill Totten, jill.totten@wustl.edu, 314-935-6111
Social Work: Siomari Collazo-Colón, scollazo@wustl.edu, 314-935-8675
Law: Eva Ostrow, eva.ostrow@wustl.edu, 314-935-6089
Business: Joyce Montgomery, montgomery@wustl.edu, 314-935-6327 

If you have any suggestions for additional information to be posted, or additions/corrections to existing information, please email postdoc@email.wustl.edu.

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