Seminar Information

  • Tuesday, October 17

  • 3:30 PM

  • IMSD

  • Moore Auditorium (Talks) & The Hearth (Poster & Reception)

Speaker(s) Information

  • Student Talks, Keynote Speaker, Poster Session

  • Initiative for Maximizing Student Development

  • “2nd Annual IMSD Research Symposium - Click for Details!”


3:30PM - Student Talks
Omar Delannoy-Bruno - "Development of microbiota-directed foods"
Ninecia Scott - "S100A9 protein deficiency is protective during chronic tuberculosis"
Brent Biddy - "Single-cell analysis of clonal dynamics in direct lineage reprogramming: a combinatorial indexing method for lineage tracing"
Luis Sandoval - "Discovering novel C. elegans genes critical for Orsay virus infection"

4:30PM - Keynote Speaker
Dr. Enrique De La Cruz, Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University
"How Cells Use Chemistry And Physics To Break The Bones That Power Their Movement"

5:30 - Poster Session and Reception

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