Seminar Information

  • Thursday, January 14

  • 2:00 PM

  • DBBS

  • Zoom

Speaker(s) Information

  • Kyle Cottrell and Celine St. Pierre

  • DBBS

  • “First Generation in STEM Informational Session”


Come to discuss the formation of a First-Gen in STEM group. Open to all postdocs and graduate students in STEM. We will meet over Zoom to discuss the following: • Is there a need for a first-gen group for graduate students and postdocs? • What are some potential activities this group could do? • What are some potential goals for this group to accomplish? • Should the group be limited to graduate students and postdocs in STEM? • Should the group also include postdocs and graduate students from low socioeconomic backgrounds? You must RSVP to attend:

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