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We’ve reserved this page for quotes from our DBBS Alumni. We want to hear from you about how DBBS has played a role in your life!

What are some of your fondest memories of the holidays during graduate school?

Genetics Christmas party skits, cookie time in the Center for Genomic Sciences, pushing my mouse cart through the drifting snow around McDonnell and hot mochas at the bookstore.  

 Peter Turnbaugh, Class of  '09,  Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard U.  

Enjoying the winter landscapes of Forest Park and especially of the Missouri Botanical Garden, including the Climatron; also playing Christmas season concerts with the Wash U wind ensemble.  

 Clement Hamilton, Class of  '85, President, Holden Arboretum 

I loved the Department Holiday Potluck, where I got to meet and mingle with the Biology Department emeritus faculty that I would not otherwise have met. The room it was held it was beautiful and some mysterious person always brought a dish of pitted, sliced black olives in cherry Jell-O. I've never seen that odd combination before or since, but it has stuck in my memory.   

Alison Colwell Class of '94, Special Assistant to the Science Advisor, National Parks Service 


What do you remember from your first day of graduate school?

Having the orientation shrimp boil dinner on the main campus in a circular outdoor theater with my classmate Dr. Elaine Majerus (Finley). 

John York, Class of '93, Professor/HHMI Investigator, Duke U. School of Medicine

I got a parking ticket that I did not pay for 5 years.

Dean Rochester, Class of '91, Director of Research Operations,  Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

I mostly remember how much fun the other students were.

John Fryer, Class of '05, Assistant Professor, Mayo Clinic

I was impressed with the large number of smart and interesting people including both the incoming students and the staff. I made many friends the first few days some of which I still interact regularly today.

Steven Nothwehr, Class of '90, Program Director, National Institute of Health

The excitement of the adventure of pursuing more knowledge in the field of my choice.

Judith Miller, Class of '86, Retired

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