​Student Reimbursement Policy & Procedures

Before making any purchase, be sure to check with your program coordinator or student group administrator to ensure you are staying within budget and making an allowable purchase. Please contact your coordinator/administrator if you have questions regarding these procedures. 

The following information is required for reimbursement: 

  • ​​​Completed Check Request Form that includes the following information:
    • Your name as Requestor.
    • Program or Student Group that is funding the payment.
    • ​Recipients name, address and employee ID/federal ID.
    • Amount of payment. 
    • All event specific information –
       - ​​​​What the purchase was for?
       - When the event took place?
      Where the event took place? (please provide the specific building/room)
      Who & How many?  Include information regarding university role (faculty, staff, student, guest, etc.), program affiliation and first/last name of each attendee when there are 12 or fewer. Please ensure this list is legible.
  • ​​​​​​​​​Completed Event Sign-In Sheet (if applicable) and an event invitation.
  • An electronic copy or image of the detailed receipt is required in the case of reimbursement.  The entire receipt must be visible and legible.  This receipt must contain the following information:
    • Vendor name and contact information
    • Date
    • Itemized purchases
    • Total
    • Payment information
  • ​Once the coordinator/administrator has signed the Check Request Form, please "Create Expense Report" in Work Day and attach all relevant documentation electronically.

​​DBBS Reimbursement Policy

General -

  • Washington University is tax exempt. Whenever possible, taxes should be removed from business purchases.  Work with your coordinator/administrator to obtain our tax exempt form.
  • All reimbursement requests must be submitted within 2 weeks of the purchase date.  If submitted more than 30 days after the purchase date additional approvals will be required.
  • If appropriate backup is not available, a bank statement or other proof of payment can be used to submit your payment request. However, additional approvals will be required.
  • Submit original receipts electronically as an attachment in Work Day on Expense Report. Please make sure all details on receipt are legible, and the receipt is right-side-up. If needed, cut the receipt in half in order to capture all details in photo before saving/sharing image.
  • DBBS policy does not allow the purchase of gift cards.  For questions regarding this policy please contact your coordinator/administrator.
  • Washington University fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.  In order to process reimbursements within the current fiscal year all required documents and backup must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the last Friday of June.​
Food/Catering -

  • In lieu of paying out of pocket, every effort should be made to use catering vendors that will invoice DBBS directly.  The vendor invoice can be submitted for payment through your coordinator/administrator using the same reimbursement process listed above. Please see our current list of Catering Vendors.
  • DBBS gratuity policy:
    • Dining in – 18%
    • Delivery with set up – 15%
    • Drop off delivery - $5
    • Drop off delivery w/bad weather - $10
    • Pick up – no tip necessary
    • Before tipping, always ensure gratuity has not been added automatically
    • If your tip exceeds DBBS Policy, your reimbursement total may be reduced.
  • Before purchasing and serving alcohol at your event, you must review the university’s SharedSpace Alcohol Guidelines.
Goods and Services -


  • Every effort should be made to make purchases using one of our Marketplace vendors. Purchase requests can be submitted in the Work Day database by creating a requisition. When making online purchases, always use a Washington University address as your “ship to” address. The delivery address and ship-to address must match when creating the order. Items purchased for business use should not be shipped to a home address. Instructions on how to perform this action can be found at this link: Work Day: How to Create A Requisition​

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