​​Welcome Entering Students!

To assist your DBBS Program Coordinator as they prepare for your arrival, please complete the following:​

  • Arrange for your final transcript with proof of degree to be sent to Patrice Foy in DBBS, MSC 8226-13-04, 660 South Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO  63110.
  • Use the "Entering Class Checklist​" to help with your transition to Graduate School.
  • Visit the topics below and ​contact your DBBS Program Coordinator for any concerns or questions.​

Money Matters

The 2021-2022 annual stipend is $32,500. 

-Stipend payments are disbursed the last working day of each month. 

-If direct deposit is not set up in time, your paycheck will be mailed to your local home address.  We encourage direct deposit as the US postal service can have a delayed delivery time which would cause you to receive your paychecks late.

Due to Washington University implementing a new Human Resource/Payroll System July 1st– MyDay - the below information is critical for starting in DBBS and receiving your stipend check

-If you plan to start in June and would like to be paid in June, you must complete a non-employee personal information form and return to DBBS Finance by April 14th.  You can receive the front-load of your stipend in June if all required paperwork is received by the deadline. 

 -If you miss the April 14th processing date for the non-employee personal information form, you will not receive your stipend disbursement until July 30th (total stipend check will be June and July).  If you have opted for the frontload, the frontload amount will also be included in the July disbursement.  The amount of your first stipend check will be prorated according to your start date.

Frontload Details​

Download Frontload Form​

 -For start dates on or after July 1st - after you confirmed your start date with your Program Coordinator, please send an email to DBBS Finance with the following information:

  • Start Date
  • Email address
  • Frontload form

Payroll deadlines to receive information are the following:

  • July 13th
  • August 10th
  • September 14th

Once DBBS Finance has collectively received these three items of information, we will begin to process your stipend disbursement.  

You will receive email notifications from MyDay/WorkDay prompting you for required information, which you will enter directly into the system. Once you have entered the required information then the processing moves on to the next steps in setting up your stipend disbursements. 

*DBBS Finance email  -  DBBS-StudentFinance@email.wustl.edu

For more information regarding stipend payments and possible tax implications please visit https://financialservices.wustl.edu/wfin-topic/payroll/tax-issues-fellowship-stipend-recipients/.

International Students:

Please visit the WUSTL Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) webpage for important information  https://students.wustl.edu/international-students-scholars/.

For questions concerning your VISA prior to orientation please contact the OISS Office.

International students must check-in with OISS as soon as possible once you arrive in St. Louis. Please make certain to take all appropriate original documentation when you meet with the OISS representative.​

Compliancy Training

DBBS Finance will communicate to incoming students information on how to complete the 3 required compliancy modules:

  • HIPAA 101
  • EHS Initial Lab Safety
  • PERCSS - Core Course

The WU Title IX office will contact students directly, prior to their arriving on campus, with instructions on how to complete the mandatory Title IX compliancy module.

Housing and Relocation

Have you found a place to live?

Information about relocating to St. Louis can be found on the DBBS Relocating​ to St. Louis webpage.  The Division maintains a roommate list for current and incoming graduate students. This list will be provided to you from your coordinator via email.  Check back frequently for updates.

Student ID Card

When you arrive in St. Louis, contact your DBBS Program Coordinator to obtain authorization for an ID Card.  We will use the photo you submitted with your application, unless you send another to your DBBS Program Coordinator immediately.  All Washington University students should carry their WU Student ID Card whenever they are on campus. The ID gives you access to buildings on the Medical Campus and select Danforth campus buildings, or using the campus shuttle.  

To ride the MetroLink you must have your WU Student ID and Metro U-Pass (see Transportation below for additional information on the Metro U-Pass).


When searching for a lab in which to rotate, the PI of the lab may ask your DBBS Program Coordinator to view your application. Please provide permission in the Student Hub to ensure a seamless transition to each rotation.

Setting Up Your First Rotation
We encourage all DBBS students to research our faculty database to contact potential research mentors. Here are a few tips to make setting up your first rotation a success: 

  • Review faculty and their research interests to get an idea of where you want to rotate.
  • Most faculty members prefer to be contacted initially by email.
  • To prepare for your first meeting with the faculty member, read some recent papers from the faculty member's laboratory.
  • Download and fill out the Researc​h Rotation Form​ and give to your program coordinator.  
  • Please visit the Student Forms section of the DBBS website for all student forms.


All incoming students to WUSM are required to meet certain entrance health requirements.  These entrance requirements include proof of immunity to certain communicable diseases, in accordance with immunization guidelines, and a physical within one year of matriculation. Incomplete information will result in a student’s inability to attend classes.  The student alone is responsible for ensuring that all required forms are completed and returned to Student Health Service by July 15th.  For those students starting in the summer, form submission is required one month prior to your start date.  Failure to comply will result in a $95.00 late fee.  Please visit the Student Health web-site at http://wusmhealth.wustl.edu for detailed requirements, instructions and forms.  Using your WUSTL key, you are able to submit your information using electronic record submission.​

If you need a physical, contact the following organization; they offer a reduced rate for WUSTL students.

BarnesCare Midtown
5000 Manchester Ave. 
314-747-5800 (call for appointment)
Hours:  Monday – Friday 7:30am – 6:00pm

Call for out-of-pocket costs for a physical or immunizations (DO NOT accept insurance).  You may want to have this done at your undergraduate school.


​Washington University U-Pass Program

Washington University in St. Louis offers a comprehensive transportation program through Metro St. Louis, the region's public transportation agency.  The U-Pass program provides Metro passes for full-time students, benefits-eligible faculty and staff, and full-time employees of qualified service providers.  This program provides students and other members of the University community unlimited access to the St. Louis Metropolitan region on public transit.  In addition, there are three bus routes that specifically target the connection of Washington University's campuses to nearby residential and shopping areas.  For more information on the U-Pass program, please call (314) 935-5601 or visit https://parking.wustl.edu/items/metro-transit/​.  Metro route and schedule information is available online at metrostlouis.org.  Faculty, staff, and students who use the U-Pass as the primary mode of transportation to and from campus may enroll in the Occasional Parking program and are also eligible for the Citizens for Modern Transit Guaranteed Ride Home program.  See your DBBS Program Coordinator to register for the fall semester to become eligible for the U-Pass.

For information on parking & shuttle routes on the Med School campus, visit the Washington University School of Medicine(WUSM) Transportation Office online or call 314-362-6824.

For information on parking & shuttle routes on the Danforth (main) campus, visit the Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) Transportation Office​ online or call 314-935-5601.


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