• Middle Tennessee State University (2015)

  • Molecular Genetics and Genomics

  • Daniel C. Link, M.D.

  • The understanding of molecular cues governing hematopoiesis – hematopoietic niches, hematopoietic stem cells, and hematopoietic output

  • jrkrambs@wustl.edu

Graduate Publications:

Krambs JR, Abou Ezzi G, Yao JC, Link DC. 2020 Canonical signaling by TGF family members in mesenchymal stromal cells is dispensable for hematopoietic niche maintenance under basal and stress conditions. PLoS ONE, 15(5)::e0233751.

Kapoor V, Collins A, Griffith K, Ghosh S, Wong N, Wang X, Challen GA, Krambs J, Link D, Hallahan DE, Thotala D. 2020 Radiation induces iatrogenic immunosuppression by indirectly affecting hematopoiesis in bone marrow. Oncotarget, 11(19):1681-90.

Abou-Ezzi G, Supakorndej T, Zhang J, Anthony B, Krambs J, Celik H, Karpova D, Craft CS, Link DC. 2019 TGF-β Signaling Plays an Essential Role in the Lineage Specification of Mesenchymal Stem/Progenitor Cells in Fetal Bone Marrow. Stem Cell Reports, 13(1):48-60.

Zhang J, Supakorndej T, Krambs JR, Rao M, Abou-Ezzi G, Ye RY, Li S, Trinkaus K, Link DC. 2019 Bone marrow dendritic cells regulate hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell trafficking. J Clin Invest, 129(7):2920-31.

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