• University of Minnesota-Duluth (2015)

  • Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology

  • Kenneth M. Olsen, Ph.D.

  • Weedy rice evolution in a changing agricultural landscape

  • m.wedger@wustl.edu


My research focuses on two main questions. First, I am working on a project documenting evolutionary response to a shifting agricultural landscape. I am using whole-genome sequencing techniques to reveal regions of the weedy rice genome that have responded to selection imposed from the introduction of non-transgenic herbicide resistant cultivars. Second, I am investigating how the root system architecture (the spatial organization of roots in the soil) of seedling weedy rice plants alters the plants ability to uptake Nitrogen and there-for compete with cultivated rice.


Graduate Publications:

Wedger MJ, Topp CN, Olsen KM. 2019 Convergent evolution of root system architecture in two independently evolved lineages of weedy rice. New Phytol, (Epub ahead of print):.

Wedger MJ, Pusadee T, Wongtamee A, Olsen KM. 2019 Discordant patterns of introgression suggest historical gene flow into Thai weedy rice from domesticated and wild relatives. J Hered, (): pii: esz030.

Wedger MJ, Olsen KM. 2018 Evolving insights on weedy rice. Ecol Genet Genom, 7-8():23-26.

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