• University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2016)

  • Plant and Microbial Biosciences

  • Alex Holehouse, Ph.D.

  • Investigating the relationship between the IDR and properties of biomolecular condensates

  • remenecker@wustl.edu

Graduate Publications:

Emenecker RJ, Holehouse AS, Strader LC. 2021 Biological Phase Separation and Biomolecular Condensates in Plants. Annu Rev Plant Biol, 72():17-46.

Harkess A, McLoughlin F, Bilkey N, Elliott K, Emenecker R, Mattoon E, Miller K, Czymmek K, Vierstra R, Meyers BC, Michael TP. 2021 Improved Spirodela polyrhiza genome and proteomic analyses reveal a conserved chromosomal structure with high abundance of chloroplastic proteins favoring energy production. J Exp Bot, 72(7):2491-500.

Emenecker RJ, Holehouse AS, Strader L. 2021 Sequence determinants of in cell condensate morphology, dynamics, and oligomerization as measured by number and brightness analysis. Cell Commun Signal, 19(1):65.

Emenecker RJ, Griffith D, Holehouse AS. 2021 Metapredict: a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use predictor of consensus disorder and structure. Biophys J, 120(20):4312-19.

Emenecker RJ, Holehouse AS, Strader LC. 2020 Emerging Roles for Phase Separation in Plants. Dev Cell, 55(1):69-83.

Emenecker RJ, Strader LC. 2020 Auxin-Abscisic Acid Interactions in Plant Growth and Development. Biomolecules, 10(2):281.

Powers SK, Holehouse AS, Korasick DA, Schreiber KH, Clark NM, Jing H, Emenecker R, Han S, Tycksen E, Hwang I, Sozzani R, Jez JM, Pappu RV, Strader LC. 2019 Nucleo-cytoplasmic Partitioning of ARF Proteins Controls Auxin Responses in Arabidopsis thaliana. Mol Cell, (Epub ahead of print):.

Balkunde R, Foroughi L, Ewan E, Emenecker R, Cavalli V, Dixit R. Mechanism of microtubule plus-end tracking by the plant-specific SPR1 protein and its development as a versatile plus-end marker. J Biol Chem, ():pii: jbc.RA119.008866.

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