• Colgate University (2013)

  • Neurosciences

  • Nico U.F. Dosenbach, M.D., Ph.D.

  • precision functional mapping of resting state functional connectivity in human hippocampus

  • azheng@wustl.edu

Graduate Publications:

Parallel hippocampal-parietal circuits for self- and goal-oriented processing.
Zheng A, Montez DF, Marek S, Gilmore AW, Newbold DJ, Laumann TO, Kay BP, Seider NA, Van AN, Hampton JM, Alexopoulos D, Schlaggar BL, Sylvester CM, Greene DJ, Shimony JS, Nelson SM, Wig GS, Gratton C, McDermott KB, Raichle ME, Gordon EM, Dosenbach NUF. 2021 Parallel hippocampal-parietal circuits for self- and goal-oriented processing. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 118(34):e2101743118.

Sylvester CM, Yu Q, Srivastava AB, Marek S, Zheng A, Alexopoulos D, Smyser CD, Shimony JS, Ortega M, Dierker DL, Patel GH, Nelson SM, Gilmore AW, McDermott KB, Berg JJ, Drysdale AT, Perino MT, Snyder AZ, Raut RV, Laumann TO, Gordon EM, Barch DM, Rogers CE, Greene DJ, Raichle ME, Dosenbach NUF. 2020 Individual-specific functional connectivity of the amygdala: A substrate for precision psychiatry. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 117(7):3808-18.

Marek S, Siegel JS, Gordon EM, Raut RV, Gratton C, Newbold DJ, Ortega M, Laumann TO, Adeyemo B, Miller DB, Zheng A, Lopez KC, Berg JJ, Coalson RS, Nguyen AL, Dierker D, Van AN, Hoyt CR, McDermott KB, Norris SA, Shimony JS, Snyder AZ, Nelson SM, Barch DM, Schlaggar BL, Raichle ME, Petersen SE, Greene DJ, Dosenbach NUF. 2018 Spatial and Temporal Organization of the Individual Human Cerebellum. Neuron, 100(4):977-93.

Newbold DJ, Gordon EM, Laumann TO, Seider NA, Montez DF, Gross SJ, Zheng A, Nielsen AN, Hoyt CR, Hampton JM, Ortega M, Adeyemo B, Miller DB, Van AN, Marek S, Schlaggar BL, Carter AR, Kay BP, Greene DJ, Raichle ME, Petersen SE, Snyder AZ, Dosenbach NUF. Cingulo-opercular control network and disused motor circuits joined in standby mode. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 118(13):e2019128118.

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