Graduate Publications:

Anderson DA, Ou F, Kim S, Murphy TL, Murphy KM. 2022 Transition from cMyc to L-Myc during dendritic cell development coordinated by rising levels of IRF8. J Exp Med, 219(2):e20211483.

Ferris ST, Ohara RA, Ou F, Wu R, Huang X, Kim S, Chen J, Liu TT, Schreiber RD, Murphy TL, Murphy KM. 2022 cDC1 vaccines drive tumor rejection by direct presentation independently of host cDC1. Cancer Immunol Res, ():canimm.0865.2021.

Liu TT, Kim S, Desai P, Kim DH, Huang X, Ferris ST, Wu R, Ou F, Egawa T, Van Dyken SJ, Diamond MS, Johnson PF, Kubo M, Murphy TL, Murphy KM. 2022 Ablation of cDC2 development by triple mutations within the Zeb2 enhancer. Nature, 607(7917):142-48.

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