Ilana Olin (MSTP in PhD training)

  • Wilton, CT

  • Bowdoin College (2020)

  • Immunology

  • Peggy L. Kendall, MD

  • Moderate acute malnutrition and microbiota-directed complementary foods



Childhood undernutrition is the leading cause of death in those under 5 years world-wide and the Gordon lab previously demonstrated that impaired gut microbial community development is causally related to childhood undernutrition. In addition to trying to understand the mechanisms underlying the causal relationship, they have developed microbiota-directed complementary foods designed to repair the disrupted microbial communities of children with acute malnutrition. This summer, I analyzed data from a proof-of-concept clinical trial conducted in 12-18-month-old Bangladeshi children with moderate acute malnutrition. I also worked on developing a pipeline for single nuclear RNA sequencing data analysis. Finally, I attended discussions with Gordon lab collaborators from Bangladesh to gain broader knowledge of the multi-dimensional challenges that need to be addressed when attempting to translate results from basic science studies into new policies for treating this devastating global health problem.

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