​Cancer Biology Pathway Predoctoral Program

This Pathway is open to Ph.D. students from any Program in the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences. Selection will be made from students entering their 2nd and 3rd years of graduate training. Students will be selected from laboratories of Siteman Cancer Center members and chosen by a panel selected by the Siteman Cancer Center Basic Science Leadership Committee.  The funding start date will be September 1st, 2018.


Predoctoral trainees will register for a Special Topics Course (Dr. Lee Ratner, Course Master), an overview course of cancer biology examining a different topic each week in molecular, cell biological or immunological aspects of cancer biology. 

The second Special Topics Core (Dr. Todd Druley, Course Master) is a course of in-depth analysis of basic and clinical aspects of cancer biology, with a particular emphasis on pediatric oncology. This course has been offered in alternate spring semesters.

Predoctoral trainees will participate each fall in a clinical/translational cancer research mentoring program.  This includes 1/2 day per month with an expert in medical oncology, stem cell transplantation, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, gynecologic oncology, surgical pathology, or oncologic radiology.

Predoctoral trainees will participate each fall as registered-for-credit in one of the following journal clubs: 

  • Experimental Hematopoiesis Journal Club
  • Cancer Biology Journal Club
  • Hematology & Oncology Journal Club
  • Student-Run Cell Biology Journal Club
  • Cytoskeleton Discussion Group
  • Cell Biology and Extracellular Matrix Journal Club
  • Molecular Mechanism of Aging
  • RNA Biology Journal Club
  • Chromatin, Epigenetics, Nuclear Organization Journal Club
  • Structural Biology Journal Club
  • Human Genetics Journal Club
  • Cancer Informatics Journal Club
  • Other journal clubs with the approval of Dr. Lee Ratner

Applicants cannot concurrently be supported by an NIH training grant

Predoctoral Applicants

Complete application must include:

  • Clearly list that you are applying for the predoctoral Cancer Biology Pathway;
  • Name, social security number or birth date, address, academic program and year, citizenship, and racial/ethnic background;
  • Contact information (e-mail and telephone);
  • CV or resume;
  • Name of the Siteman Cancer Center laboratory in which the student is or will be working;
  • One paragraph description of why the student is interested in the program;
  • One page description of the student's Ph.D. dissertation goals;
  • Recommendation letter from the faculty sponsor;
  • Recommendation letters from at least two other faculty members who served as laboratory rotation mentors;
  • Clear photocopy of student’s Washington University identification badge;
  • Dates of completion of qualifying and preliminary dissertation examinations.

Applications should be emailed by June 8, 2018 to:

Carrie Wehking, wehkingc@wustl.edu

For questions about the program, email Carrie Wehking  wehkingc@wustl.edu.

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