​Infectious Disease Scholars Gateway

We are excited to offer the Infectious Diseases Scholars Gateway course in the spring of 2015.  The ID Gateway exposes trainees in multiple programs to important translational questions and potential career paths in infectious disease. Speakers and discussions explore a broad range of topics relevant to infectious disease research and clinical care, including pathogenesis, diagnostics, biodefense, epidemiology, and development of therapeutics. The course also includes clinical experiences such as participating in rounds with infectious disease physicians.

The ID Gateway course is open to PhD & MSTP students and postdoctoral fellows in any department or program. Graduate and MSTP students are expected to have successfully completed either the graduate or medical microbiology course, although this requirement may be waived at the discretion of the course directors. Interested trainees should fill out the brief course application attached to this email.

Applications must be received by Debra Warren, the ID Gateway Administrator by: 

Click here to download ID Gateway Application​

Questions should be directed to Debra at 314-286-2764 or dewarren@dom.wustl.edu.  

ID Gateway Program Directors 

Dr. Robyn Klein, rklein@dom.wustl.edu
Dr. Celeste Morley, morley_c@kids.wustl.edu​

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