​Molecular Cell Biology Students

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  • Wesley Agee Agee

  • Winston Anthony

    I study the evolution of resistance to disinfectants and antibiotics in bacteria.
  • John Baer

    Understanding resident versus recruited macrophage function during pancreatitis
  • Brady Barron

  • Shambhavi Bhagwat

    I am studying the role of phosphorylated IDH2 in the Pptc7 KO phenotype
  • Ryan Bitter

    The structure and function of membrane proteins
  • Caitlyn Brashears (MSTP in PhD training)

    Redox homeostasis and glutamine utilization in Synovial Sarcoma
  • Lucia Capano

    Use directly converted neurons to study how aging contributes to tauopathies through the expression of tau
  • Yi-Hsuan Chang

    Genome-wide screening for the transcription factor SNAIL2 binding sites in HNSCC cell lines
  • Changfeng Chen

    Fate decision of memory B cells
  • Jiayang Chen

    Transcriptional factor dysregulation in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Samantha Chin (MSTP in PhD training)

    Determining the Role of Plastin-3 in Osteoblast Differentiation and Mineralization
  • Jason Colasanti

    Investigating the molecular mechanisms of aging, longevity, and cellular senescence. Leading a number of projects involving age-related ocular diseases, variability in gene-expression with age, and the impacts of circadian rhythm alterations on lifespan.
  • Ariella Coler-Reilly (MSTP in PhD training)

    Identifying drivers of aging among genes differentially expressed with age
  • Kelsy Cotto

    Identification of regulatory mutations in cancer using genomic and transcriptomic data
  • Sophia DeGeorgia

    Elucidating the role of putative enhancer elements in the aberrant reactivation of neural crest genes in melanoma initiation and proliferation
  • Brian Egan

    Understanding the mechanisms by which genetic and pharmacological interventions affect aging and longevity in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
  • Rochelle Ellison (MSTP in PhD training)

    Roles of lysosomal lipid metabolism in the maintenance of energy homeostasis
  • Jade Enright

    Investigating regulatory functions and mechanisms of long noncoding RNAs in retinal development
  • Emily Eul

    Understanding the roles of bone derived factors on the bone marrow microenvironment, hematopoiesis, and the hematopoietic niche during tumor progression.
  • Katherine Floyd

    Studying protein export in Plasmodium falciparum, the causative agent of malaria, and searching for drug targets within the export pathway
  • Sofia Gasperino

  • Wentao Han

  • Rachel Johnston

    The role of DNA double stranded breaks in B cell development
  • Paul Jones

    Non-Invasive Molecular Detection and Profiling of NF1-MPNST to Guide Personalized Treatment
  • Courtney Jungers

    Translational control of gene expression through microRNAs and RNA-binding proteins.
  • Kyusik Kim

    Investigating the relationship between translation speed and mRNA decay
  • Sarah Koester

    RNA- and RBP-mediated regulation of local translation in peripheral astrocyte processes.
  • Won Kyun Koh

    Investigating the potential novel role(s) of DNA methyltransferase 3A (DNMT3A) in the hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) function.
  • Lingzhen Kong

    Mechanistic dissection of a Ca2+-mediated genome protection pathway during DNA replication
  • Amir Kucharski (MSTP in PhD training)

    Understanding and targeting the role of Abat in the progression and treatment of osteoarthritis.
  • Joe Lagas

    Understanding the mechanism underlying sex differences in H3.1K27M mutant diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG).
  • Kent Lin

    Studying microglia receptor modulating pathways in the context of CNS diseases.
  • Meizi Liu Liu

  • Ruiyang Liu

    Tracing myeloma disease progression at single cell resolution
  • Tessa Lochetto

    Characterizing the role of a mitochondrial-specific phosphatase on cardiovascular malformations.
  • Hannah Lynn (MSTP in PhD training)

    Characterizing structure/activity relationships in microbiota-directed complementary foods
  • Max Lyon

    Examining the role of sperm membrane potential in male fertility using novel inhibitors
  • Heyde Makimaa

    Characterizing AstV- IFN-λ interactions in vivo, leveraging mouse models for murine AstV studies, as well as in vitro, using both human and murine enteroids along with immortalized cell lines.
  • Taylor Malachowski

    Understanding the role of ALC1 in base excision repair in the context of PARPi; while also investigating impact of loss of certain metabolic factors in response to PARPi inhibitors in BRCA mutant cancer cells.
  • DeHaven McCrary

    Investigating the role of actin binding proteins in regulating actin dynamics and the role of the cytoskeleton in regulating metabolism.
  • Sherwin Ng (MSTP in PhD training)

    Tropism and viral entry pathways of SARS-COV-2 in the cardiovascular system
  • Kaylee O'Donnell

    Investigating the mechanisms of pH-sensing by T cells and T cell exhaustion in the metastatic bone microenvironment in an effort to improve immune checkpoint therapy.
  • Sumit Patel

    Understanding the loss of Beta-cell identity in Type 2 Diabetes
  • Kimsey Platten

    Investigating the interplay between hemodynamics and hemostasis and thrombosis.
  • Jennifer Portillo

    The project aims to address the alterations in lysosomal function in mutated R406W tau.
  • Astrid Rodriguez Velez

    Investigating the role of macrophage galectins and endomembrane damage in atherosclerosis
  • Leonard Rogers

    Metabolic responses to arginine starvation in ASS1-deficient sarcomas
  • Matthew Rosene

    Dissecting the role of the endo-lysosomal network in Alzheimer disease risk
  • Sua Ryu

    ARF-dependent translational regulation of Drosha through Drosha UTRs
  • Angela Schab

    Investigating the role of the tumor microenvironment in ovarian cancer
  • Christian Shema Mugisha

    Role of retroviral Integrase-RNA interactions in particle maturation
  • Juhee Son

  • Crystal Song

  • Lily Spatz

    Investigating the role of neuronal dysfunction in the development of diabetes
  • Sarah Speck (MSTP in PhD training)

    Depalmitoylation regulates hepatic glucose metabolism
  • Jasmin Sponagel

    Investigating sex differences in the PI3K/mTOR pathway and metabolism in glioblastoma
  • Meagan Sullender

    Interplay between a number of enteric viruses, the commensal microbiota, and vaccination in vivo and also study novel antiviral mechanisms in vitro using technologies such as CRISPR, BioID (BirA*), and reverse genetics systems.
  • Brittany Townley

    Regulation of RNA processing by the novel spliceosomal protein, TTDN1, in development and cancer.
  • Turan Tufan

  • Matt Ward

    Targeting bacterial nitrogen assimilation during infection of human macrophages by pathogenic Leptospira interrogans.
  • Kellan Weston

    UBE3A in the Context of Angelman and Dup15q Syndromes of Neurodevelopmental Disease
  • Chong Zuo

    Role of leukocyte NADPH oxidase in phagocytosis of resident peritoneal macrophages
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