​Program of Study

Developmental, Regenerative & Stem Cell Biology students take a common set of core courses during the first semester including the following:

Nucleic Acids and Protein Biosynthesis (Bio 548)
Fundamentals of Molecular Cell Biology (Bio 5068)
Graduate Research Fundamentals (BIO 5098)

Students begin to specialize their training in Developmental, Regenerative & Stem Cell Biology during the second semester, and enroll in the following two courses: 

Developmental Biology (Bio 5352)
Advanced Genetics (Bio 5491)

Students may choose any one or more of the following additional advanced electives, subject to the approval of the Developmental, Regenerative & Stem Cell Biology steering committee: 

Molecular, Cell and Organ Systems (Bio 5224)
Immunobiology I (Bio 5053)
Immunobiology II (Bio 5054)
Genomics (Bio 5488)
Macromolecular Interactions (Bio 5312)
Molecular Microbiology & Pathogenesis (Bio 5392)

Throughout their training students enroll in journal clubs choosing from among the following courses: 

Molecular Mechanism of Aging Journal Club (Bio 5138)
Extracellular Matrix & Cell Matrix Interactions Journal Club (Bio 5128)
RAD Journal Club (Regeneration, Aging and Developement) (5152)
Genetics Journal Club (Bio 5235)
Experimental Hematopoiesis Journal Club (5123)
Ion Channels Journal Club (5137)
Cancer Biology Journal Club (5192)
Experimental Skeletal Biology Journal Club (5255)
Current Research in Chromatin, Epigenetics and Nuclear Organization (5284)
Tropical and Molecular Parasitology (5412)
Molecular Microbiology & Pathogenesis Journal Club (5416)​
Hematology/Oncology Journal Club (5417)
DNA Metabolism (5445)
Genetics & Development of C. Elegans Journal Club (5484)
Seminar in Computational Molecular Biology Journal Club (5496)  

Students will also complete a course in Ethics (Bio 5011) during the Spring of their second year. 

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