​Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Students

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  • Mahliyah Adkins-Threats

    Investigating the role of AMPK activation in gastric parietal cell specification and maturation”.
  • Dereck Alleyne

  • Keenan Bates

    Investigating the coordination of maternal-fetal circadian communication to regulate birth timing and fetal development
  • Gina Castelvecchi

    Determining the roles of the atypical cadherin, Dachsous, during zebrafish epiboly
  • Ankita Chadda

  • Adam Clemens

    Understanding the roles of MeCP2 and DNA methylation in neuronal gene regulation
  • Chen Dong

  • Leeran Dublin Ryan

    Investigating novel modulators of protein folding and de novo prion formation in yeast.
  • Bisiayo Fashemi

    The Decision Maker: Understanding the role of IFRD1 in urothelial plasticity and regeneration
  • Laura Fischer

    DNA methylation dynamics during human pluripotent state transitions.
  • Zev Greenberg

    The role of CD53 in hematopoietic homeostasis and stress
  • Ruijun He

    FGF Signalling Pathways in Osteocytes of Adult and Aging Bones
  • Farid Kadyrov

    Effects of Hypoxia on Monocyte Differentiation and Macrophage Specification during Ischemic Heart Injury.
  • Jennysue Kasiah

  • Mikolaj Kozlowski

  • Eva Kramer

    Elucidating the role of SOX9 in melanoma initiation.
  • Tim Lee

    AMPK signaling in photoreceptors
  • Jamison Leid

    Exploring the role of TFIID in metabolism during embryonic development.
  • Emily Lewis

    Modeling human cortical interneuron development and dysregulation in neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Ya-Lin Lu

    Using miR-9/9*-124-mediated direct reprogramming of fibroblasts into neurons to dissect the mechanism driving miR-124-mediated PTB switching for neural fate acquisition
  • Jonny Mendoza-Castrejon

  • Mario Miranda

    Identifying mechanisms for improving beta cell function in obesity and diabetes
  • Matthew Mosley

    Non-genetic determinants of aging
  • Catie Newsom-Stewart

    Uncovering the biomolecular mechanisms behind airway obstruction in bronchiolitis obliterans
  • Qihao Ren

    My research is to understand the dormancy of breast cancer disseminated tumor cells (DTCs). Specifically, I am trying to identify the critical genes regulating DTC dormancy and elucidate their interaction with the microenvironment.
  • Jonathan Spalding

    Metabolic vs developmental control of vertebrate growth: who’s in charge?
  • Ilya Strunilin

    Molecular mechanism of Huntington’s Disease (HD) using patient-derived neurons as a model system
  • Shriya Swaminathan

    Investigating pathways underlying successful repair upon kidney injury
  • Sadie VanHorn

    Single-cell lineage tracing technologies to determine heterogeneity in adult stem cell populations.
  • Leonardo Velazco-Cruz

    Generation of functionally mature stem cell derived Beta cells
  • Daniel Veronese Paniagua

  • Sarah Waye

    Intestinal Engineering: Using Single-Cell Approaches to Investigate Intestinal Reprogramming and Tissue Engineering
  • Julia Whittle

    Modeling autosomal dominant Distal Arthrogryposis variants in zebrafish to examine disease mechanisms and explore therapeutic treatments
  • Snow Yang

  • Allen Yen

  • Yiming Zhang

  • Yingyue Zhou

  • Yuqing Zhu

    The role of miRNA duplication in phenotypic innovation in Drosophila melanogaster.
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