​Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology
Course Requirements

The course work in the Program is centered on the courses listed below.  Students may choose at least one Ecology course from Group 1, at least one Evolution course from Group 2, and an additional course from Group 3: 

  1. Population Ecology (Bio 4170), Community Ecology (Bio 419), or Disease Ecology (Bio 4195)
  2. Macroevolution (Bio 4182), Population Genetics (Bio 4181), Molecular Evolution (Bio 4183) or Behavioral Ecology (472)
  3. Another of the six aforementioned courses, Genomics (Bio 5488), Advanced Genetics (Bio 5491), or another approved course (approval from the program director).

Graduate Research Fundamentals (BIO 5098) - Fall Semester of 1st year

Ethics (Bio 5011) - Spring semester of 2nd year

Mentored Teaching Experience – either Fall or Spring semester of 2nd year.

​Topics in Evolution, Ecology and Pop Biology (BIO 598) - Fall Semester of 1st Year

Students are also required to enroll in the Population Biology Seminar (Bio 580) each semester for the first two years of the Program.

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