​Division Faculty Membership

The Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) administers and promotes interdisciplinary graduate education. The Division has two missions. The broader of these is its central role in Ph.D. education in biological and biomedical sciences at Washington University.

The second mission relates to the role of the Division in pre-doctoral training. The Division provides administrative support for Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. students and Programs in the biological and biomedical sciences of The Graduate School. The Division is responsible for recruiting pre-doctoral students of the highest caliber and ensuring that their academic training and research experience prepares them for a broad spectrum of productive and creative scientific careers.

It is clear that faculty can provide important contributions to the broader training mission in ways that don’t include primary mentoring of students in their thesis work. Therefore, all members of the Washington University Faculty who wish to participate in promoting, improving and diversifying graduate education are welcome to apply to General Membership of DBBS. Division membership carries important responsibilities including: active participation in Division functions; and service in the areas of recruitment, course instruction, student advising, and committee memberships.

Washington University faculty members wishing to mentor DBBS doctoral candidates in their lab and who are: currently an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Full Professor on the Investigator Track; have independent laboratories; and meet the mentorship and financial criteria for supporting students can apply for Program Members​hip in the Ph.D. graduate programs administered by DBBS.  Faculty approved for Program Membership are expected to meet the important responsibilities described above as well as primary mentorship of thesis students in both their research and general training for careers in the biomedical workforce. DBBS faculty are also expected to be current on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Sexual Harassment training modules offered by Washington University in St. Louis.

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