​Mentor Financial Responsibilities

Graduate Student Stipend, Tuition and Related Fees 

  • Provided from DBBS funding for the first 16 months in the Program (typically through December of GR2 year)
  • Responsibility of Mentor/Department after the first 16 months (January 1st in most cases)
  • MSTP students in GR phase will be supported from MSTP funding through December of GR1 year; then responsibility of Mentor/Department (January 1st in most cases)
  • Changes in Annual Stipend level for new fiscal year are presented and approved by the Executive Council (Nov-Jan)
  • Once annual stipend and fee amounts have been finalized, the new amounts will be communicated to all DBBS Faculty Members 

FY2024 (2023-2024 Academic Year) 

  • $37,000 - Stipend
  • $2,749 - Health
  • $505 - Network Access Fee​

DBBS Finance Group

  • Coordinates Executive Council approval of annual stipend level for students and communication to students and faculty of exact levels of financial support for each fiscal year
  • Manages initial payroll appointment and processes student payroll for first 16 months of support for PhD students, in addition to all Medical School years and GR1 level for MSTP students
  • Processes all tuition, resident candidate and student health fees for DBBS students
  • Ensures that all internal and external funds are managed in compliance with institutional and agency regulations
  • Handles all reporting and analysis of historical and projected financial support data for DBBS and University management purposes
  • Manages all aspects of DBBS Training Grant administration and reporting, in addition to providing support for individual student fellowship/award applications and other departmental training grants

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