​Mentor Financial Responsibilities

Graduate Student Stipend

  • Provided from DBBS funds for first 16 months in Program (usually through December of GR2 year).
  • Responsibility of Mentor/Department after first 16 months
  • Changes in Annual Stipend level for a new fiscal year are approved by Executive Council at the November meeting of the prior year.
  • Changes in Annual Stipend level will be communicated to Mentor and Department Administrator when finalized.

Tuition and Related Fees

DBBS is responsible for Tuition for PhD students through GR3 level and for MSTP students for all medical school and GR1 levels.

Mentor/Department is responsible for applicable student fees for PhD GR4 and above and MSTP GR2 and above:

  • Student Health Fee for 2018-2019 Academic Year--$2,749
  • Network Access Fee for 2018-2019 Academic Year--$448

DBBS Finance Group

  • Coordinates Executive Council approval of annual stipend level for students and communication to students and faculty of exact levels of financial support for each fiscal year
  • Manages initial payroll appointment and processes student payroll for first 16 months of support for PhD students, in addition to all Medical School years and GR1 level for MSTP students
  • Processes all student reimbursement for approved travel and other expenditures
  • Processes all tuition, resident candidate and student health fees for DBBS students
  • Ensures that all internal and external funds are managed in compliance with institutional and agency regulations
  • Handles all reporting and analysis of historical and projected financial support data for DBBS and University management purposes
  • Manages all aspects of DBBS Training Grant administration and reporting, in addition to providing support for individual student fellowship/award applications and other departmental training grants

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