Wayne M. Barnes, PhD

Associate Professor
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology Program
Plant and Microbial Biosciences Program
Molecular Genetics and Genomics Program

Research Abstract:

Using SELEX, we have found several sequences that travel to the mouse brain from the tail vein. Now we have demonstrated binding to myelin, more strongly than published aptamers.

I have recently found that a certain single mutation of Taq DNA polymerase makes it able to act as a reverse transcriptase. Coincidentally, this mutant can also strand-displace, something else that wild-type Taq cannot do. How does it interact with the third (displaced) strand?

We are attempting to develop PCR at one temperature, to improve on other isothermal methohs limited to 100 or 500 bp. So far, we can re-amplify more than 500 bp from PCR-sized template or a CRISPR product from lambda DNA What we need to work is "endless" DNA template.

Selected Publications:

Barnes, W.M., Zhang, Z. and Kermekchiev, M.B. (2021) A single amino acid change to Taq DNA polymerase enables faster PCR, reverse transcription and strand-displacement. Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology, 1569.

Eugene Y Wu, Amanda R Walsh, Emma C Materne, Emily P Hiltner, Bryan Zielinski, Bill R Miller III, Lily Mawby, Erica Modeste, Carol A Parish, Wayne M Barnes, Milko B Kermekchiev
A conservative isoleucine to leucine mutation causes major rearrangements and cold sensitivity in KlenTaq1 DNA polymerase, Biochemistry 54 (3), 881-889

Zhang, Z., Kermekchiev, M. and Barnes, W. (2010) Direct DNA Amplification from Crude Clinical Samples Using a PCR Enhancer Cocktail and Novel Mutants of Taq. Journal of Molecular Diagnostics 2010 12: 152-161.

Milko B. Kermekchiev , Lyubka I. Kirilova, Erika E. Vail, and Wayne M. Barnes (2009) Mutants of Taq DNA polymerase resistant to PCR inhibitors allow DNA amplification from whole blood and crude soil samples. Nucleic Acids Research April 2009; 37: e40.

Kermekchiev MB, Tzekov A, Barnes WM. Cold-sensitive mutants of Taq DNA polymerase provide a hot start for PCR. Nucleic Acids Res 2003 3:6139-6147.

Pergams RW, Barnes WM, Nyberg D. Mammalian microevolution: Rapid change in mouse mitochondrial DNA. Nature 2003 423:397.

Barnes WM, Rowlyk KR. Magnesium precipitate hot start method for PCR. Mole Cell Probes 2002 16:167-171.

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Some valuably mutable positions on Klentaq1 DNA polymerase
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