Ram Dixit, Ph.D.


Plant and Microbial Biosciences Program
Molecular Cell Biology Program
Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology Program

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  • 245 McDonnell Hall

  • ramdixit@wustl.edu

  • http://pages.wustl.edu/dixit

  • cytoskeleton, microtubules, molecular motors, optical molecular imaging, plant biology

  • Molecular mechanisms of cytoskeleton organization and function

Research Abstract:

My lab is interested in the cytoskeletal machinery underlying cell morphogenesis. Our current work focuses on the cortical microtubule cytoskeleton and seeks to understand how it becomes organized into particular arrays and how these arrays in turn guide directional cell expansion. We use a combination of single molecule imaging, live-cell imaging, molecular genetics and computer simulations to understand how activities at the molecular level impact microtubule organization and function at the cellular level.

Selected Publications:

Zhu C, Ganguly A, Baskin TI, McClosky DD, Anderson CT, Foster C, Meunier KA, Okamoto R, Berg H and Dixit R (2015). The FRA1 kinesin contributes to cortical microtubule-mediated trafficking of cell wall components. Plant Physiology, 167: 780-792.

Watt D, Dixit R and Cavalli V (2015). JIP3 activates kinesin-1 motility to promote axon elongation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290: 15512-15525.

Zhang Q, Fishel EA, Bertroche T and Dixit R (2013). Microtubule severing at crossover sites by katanin generates ordered cortical microtubule arrays in Arabidopsis. Current Biology, 23: 2191-2195.

Ganguly A and Dixit R (2013). Mechanisms for regulation of plant kinesins. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 16: 704-709.

Fishel EA and Dixit R (2013). Role of nucleation in cortical microtubule array organization: variations on a theme. Plant Journal, 75: 270-277.

Zhu C and Dixit R (2012). Functions of the Arabidopsis kinesin superfamily of microtubule-based motor proteins. Protoplasma, 249:887-899.

Tulin A, McClerklin S, Huang Y and Dixit R (2012) Single-molecule analysis of the microtubule crosslinking protein MAP65-1 reveals a molecular mechanism for contact-angle-dependent microtubule bundling. Biophysical Journal, 102:802-809.

Zhu C and Dixit R (2011) Single molecule analysis of the Arabidopsis FRA1 kinesin shows that it is a functional motor protein with unusually high processivity. Molecular Plant, 4: 879-885.

Sun F, Zhu C, Dixit R and Cavalli V (2011) Sunday Driver /JIP3 binds kinesin heavy chain directly and enhances its motility. EMBO J, 30:3416-3429.

Eren EC, Dixit R and Gautam N (2010) A three-dimensional computer simulation model reveals the mechanisms for self-organization of plant cortical microtubules into oblique arrays. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 21:2674-84.

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