David A. Fike, PhD

Associate Professor
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Plant and Microbial Biosciences Program
Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology Program

  • 314-935-6607

  • 314-935-7895

  • 246 Earth & Planetary Sciences

  • dfike@wustl.edu

  • http://biogeochem.wustl.edu

  • microbial biogeochemistry, stable isotope geochemistry, microbial mats, carbon cycling, sulfur cycling, Earth history

  • Microbial biogeochemistry and metabolic stable isotopic (C/N/S) fractionation

Research Abstract:

The Fike Lab focuses on using isotopic signatures (primarily those of C, N, O, S) of aqueous, organic, and mineral phases to understand both modern and ancient microbial metabolic activity and global biogeochemical cycling. As such, my interests cover spatial (and temporal) scales ranging from globally averaged biologic productivity to cell-specific microbial metabolic activity. We make particular use of secondary ion mass spectrometry, using a Cameca 7f-GEO instrument in my lab that is capable of mapping elemental and isotopic compositions in microbial cells down to approximately 100 nm.

Selected Publications:

Houghton, J. L., Foustoukos, D., Flynn, T. M., Vetriani, C., Bradley, A. S., & Fike, D. A. 2016. “Thiosulfate oxidation by Thiomicrospira thermophila: metabolic flexibility in response to ambient geochemistry”, Environmental Microbiology, 18(9): 3057 – 3072.

Fike, D. A., Bradley, A. S., & Rose, C. V. 2015. “Rethinking the Ancient Sulfur Cycle”, Annual Review of Earth & Planetary Sciences, 43: 20.1-20.30.

Munoz, S. E., Gruley, K. E., Massie, A., Fike, D. A., Schroeder, S., & Williams, J. W. 2015. “Cahokia’s emergence and decline coincided with shifts in flood frequency on the Mississippi River”, PNAS, 112(20): 6319-6324.

Metzger, J. G., Fike, D. A., Osburn, R., Guo, C., & Addison, A. 2015. “The source of sulfur in gypsum in Mammoth Cave, KY”, Geology, 43(2): 187 - 190.

Wilbanks, E. G., Jaekel, U., Salman, V., Humphrey, P. T., Eisen, J. A., Facciotti, M. T., Buckley, D. H., Zinder, S. H., Druschel, G. K., Fike, D. A. & Orphan, V. J. 2014. “Microscale sulfur cycling in the phototrophic pink berry consortia of the Sippewissett salt marsh”, Environmental Microbiology, 16(11): 3398 – 3415.

Houghton, J. L., Fike, D. A., Druschel, G. K., Orphan, V. J., Hoehler, T. M., & Des Marais, D. J. 2014. “Spatial variability in organic and carbonate δ13C linked to sulfur cycling in hypersaline microbial mats”, Geobiology, 12(6): 557 – 574.

Gilhooly, W., P., Fike, D. A., Druschel, G. K., Kafantaris, F.-C. A., Price, R. E., & Amend, J. P. 2014. “Sulfur and oxygen isotope insights into sulfur cycling in shallow-sea hydrothermal vents, Milos, Greece”, Geochemical Transactions, 15: 12 (12 August 2014).

Munoz, S. E., Schroeder, S., Fike, D. A. & Williams, J. W. 2014. “A record of sustained and widespread prehistoric land use from the Cahokia region”, Geology, 42(6): 499 - 502.

Cummins, R. C., Finnegan, S., Fike, D. A., Eiler, J. M., & Fischer, W. W. 2014. “Carbonate clumped isotope constraints on Silurian ocean temperature and δ18O”, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 140: 241 - 258.

Ampleman, M. D., *Crawford, K. M. & Fike, D. A. 2014. “Differential Carbon Sequestration by Forb- and Grass-Dominated Plant Communities at a 33-year Tallgrass Prairie Restoration”, Plant & Soil, 374 (1): 899 – 913.

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