Matthew A. Albrecht, PhD

Assistant Curator of Conservation Biology
Missouri Botanical Garden
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology Program

  • 314-577-0262

  • 314-577-9596

  • Missouri Botanical Garden, P.O. Box 299



  • plant conservation; reintroduction biology; plant population dynamics; rare plant ecology; restoration ecology; seed and seedling ecology; ex situ conservation

  • Ecology and conservation of rare plants

Research Abstract:

Our lab group is broadly interested in solving real-world problems related to the conservation and restoration of rare plants. Current themes in our research group include understanding how habitat change and climate influence rare plant population dynamics, the relative roles of biotic and abiotic factors in shaping the dynamics of restored plant populations, and the seed and seedling ecology of rare plants. To better understand the drivers of rarity and population decline, our research typically combines observational studies, demographic simulations, and manipulative experiments (usually with seeds and seedlings). ​We work primarily in grasslands and woodlands in the south-central United States, and work with a wide range of partners to develop solutions to conservation problems. Most projects include a mix of applied research and on-the-ground conservation activities (seed-banking, reintroduction, and habitat restoration),​ typically with the most globally imperiled plant species in the region.

Selected Publications:

For a list of publications and current projects please see our lab website:

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