Juan Sebastian Tello, PhD

Assistant Scientist
Missouri Botanical Garden
Honorary Adjunct Professor

Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology Program

  • 314-577-9596

  • sebastian.tello@mobot.org

  • http://jsebastiantello.weebly.com/

  • Biodiversity, community ecology, macroecology, metacommunities, metapopulations, spatial ecology,null models, computer simulation models

  • Study of biodiversity, particularly on macroecology, metacommunity ecology, biogeography and spatial ecology

Research Abstract:

My research interests are on the study of biodiversity, particularly on macroecology, metacommunity ecology, biogeography and spatial ecology. I have worked mostly with bats, bat ectoparasites and rodents, but I consider my research to be question oriented rather than system oriented, and now I am concentrating on investigating diversity issues with plant data. I am particularly interested in the role that historical events and stochastic processes have on traditional biogeographic patterns (like broad scale species richness gradients), and community level patterns (like species coexistence and species turnover).

Selected Publications:

Stevens, R. D. and Tello, J. S. 2011. Diversity begets diversity: relative roles of structural and resource heterogeneity in determining patterns of community structure. Journal of Mammalogy. 92: 387-395.

Tello, J. S. and Stevens, R. D. 2010. Multiple environmental determinants of regional species richness and effects of geographic range size. Ecography 33: 796-808.

Carrera, J. P., Solari, S., Larsen, P. A., Alvarado, D. F., Brown, A. D., Carrión-B., C, Tello, J. S. and Baker, R. J. 2010. Bats of the tropical lowlands of western Ecuador. Special Publications. Museum of Texas Tech University. Number 57.

Stevens, R. D. and Tello, J. S. 2009. Micro- and macro-habitat associations of rodents in a Mojave Desert metacommunity. Journal of Mammalogy 90: 388-403.

Tello, J. S., Stevens, R. D. and Dick, C. W. 2008. Patterns of species co-occurrence and density compensation: a test for interspecific competition in bat ectoparasite infracommunities. Oikos. 117: 693-702.

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