Josh L. Morgan, PhD

Assistant Professor
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Neurosciences Program
Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology Program
Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology Program

  • 314-362-1621

  • McMillan 101



  • connectomics, vision, retina, LGN, synapse, electron microscopy, circuit

  • Use advanced cellular imaging techniques to investigate how neurons organize themselves into image processing circuits

Research Abstract:

To identify factors that determine whether or not two neurons will connect to one another and to understand how these decisions shape the synaptic networks responsible for processing visual information. The core of my approach to answering these questions has been careful imaging of synaptic connectivity in developing and mature neural circuits.

Selected Publications:

Morgan, JL., Berger D.B., Wetzel A.W., Lichtman J.W. (2016) The fuzzy logic of network connectivity in mouse visual thalamus. Cell. 165: 192-206

Morgan JL*, Hayworth KJ*, Schalek R, Berger DR, Hildebrand DG, Lichtman JW. (2014) Imaging ATUM ultrathin section libraries with WaferMapper: a multi-scale approach to EM reconstruction of neural circuits. Front Neural Circuits. 8:68.

Morgan JL, Kerschensteiner D, (2011) Balistic labeling of developing retinaln. In: Sharpe J., Wong R., Yuste R., Imaging in Developmental Biology: A Laboratory Manual, (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press) pp. 177-199.

Kerschensteiner D., Morgan J.L., Parker E.D., Lewis R.M., Wong R.O.L (2009) Neurotransmission selectively regulates synapse formation in parallel circuits in vivo. Nature 460: 1016-20.

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