Mikhail Tikhonov, PhD

Assistant Professor

Computational and Systems Biology Program
Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology Program

  • 314 935-4723

  • tikhonov@wustl.edu

  • http://www.tikhonovgroup.org

  • Theoretical biophysics; Evolution; Microbiome; High-diversity ecology

  • Theoretical physics of ecology and evolution; quantitative modeling; analysis of sequencing data

Research Abstract:

Our research group uses mathematical models to study emergent properties of complex ecosystems, collective interactions in high-diversity ecology, and evolution of multi-task tradeoffs. In particular, we are interested in the blurring of classic concepts of "species" and maybe even "organism", when applied to the microbial world. While our primary motivation is theoretical, the active projects in the group are a roughly equal split between theory, data analysis and experimental collaborations. More details at http://www.tikhonovgroup.org/research/

Selected Publications:

Goldford, J.E., Lu, N., Bajic, D., Estrela, S., Tikhonov, M., Sanchez-Gorostiaga, A., Segre, D., Mehta, P., Sanchez, A. (2018) Emergent simplicity in microbial community assembly. Science 361, 469-74.

Tikhonov, M. (2017) Theoretical microbial ecology without species. Phys Rev E, 96 032410.

Tikhonov, M. and Monasson, R. (2017) Collective phase in resource competition in a highly diverse ecosystem. Phys Rev Lett 118, 048103.

Tikhonov, M. (2016) Community-level cohesion without cooperation. eLife 5, e15747.

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