​​Curriculum and Graduate Programs

  • Jessica Hutchins, Ph.D.

    Director of Curriculum and Graduate Programs



    Jessica directs non-scientific curriculum and education assessment for DBBS, teach​​es courses on writing and career planning, and is the Program Director for the Science Communication Credential (SCC). ​

  • Janie Henderson

    Curriculum Project Manager


    Janie is responsible for data and project management associated with all curriculum in the DBBS, including: data gathering and reporting, education technology, curriculum operations, online course listings, and internal records.

  • Stacia Burd

    Graduate Education Specialist

    Med Campus: 314-362-3364


    Stacia creates and curates education resources and provides pedagogical support to DBBS faculty, including student advising materials, pedagogical materials, as well as tutoring and career development programs.​

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